Jose Mourinho is a happy man today as Chelsea will return to Everton with a 4th and final offer for John Stones potentially worth £40m after the England international submitted a formal transfer request.

A big question looms though, Is stones worth that much?

Back to the interesting Pogba news and one which will be the most interesting talked about move of this summer. A 72 million bid is till eminent and with a table to talk that has included Cuadrado, Something might still be on the table.

One school of taught admits, Pogba will be an instant hit for Chelsea who have been lacking in the midfield in the first 3 games of the season, Looks like with the defensive midfield faltering, the high end Chelsea defense has come crashing down, Even Mourinho admits his defenders are his worst starts so far, No wonder Baba Rahman and stones are being added quickly for Chelsea to be able to defend their Premiership Title.

Will Pogba eventually make the Chelsea deal?