Hi, lets take a quick look at the simplest bet types you will see on most bookmakers. Europe bookmakers use the singles and accumulator bet types mostly while some bookers in Nigeria for example use the jackpot win all bet type.


A Single is a bet on 1 selection in one event. e.g Chelsea (2.31) v Man City (3.1) with a Draw at (3.40). If you place your bet on either Chelsea wins, Draw, or Man City wins then its called a Singles bet. Even if you bet on 3 events, they are treated independently.


A Double consists of 1 bet involving 2 selections in 2 different events. Both bets must be successful to get a return, and just like Trebles is an example of the accumulator style betting.


A Treble consists of 1 bet involving 3 selections in 3 different events. All 3 must be successful to get a return.

Lets explain

With either a ‘double’ or a ‘treble’ bet, if one of your selections is not correct, your payout will be zero (0). What this means is that for a single double bet or treble bet, Once one of your bet looses then your payout is zero. That’s harsh right? Maybe but if you had won it then it would have been a great payout for you.


However, using a multiple doubles or trebles is also a great way to save your cash flow without totally loosing all funds. Its what i call “Augmented Betting”. For example, A Saturday Premier League game with 10 matches can be played all out on doubles bet. Of course this will be a great payout if all bets are won but what if not all bets win?


This way of betting will only return zero to you if you won only 1 out of the 10 games. Anything from 2 wins will ensure that you get some part of your money back. And with a 6/10 win, then you can be sure to be making more profit that your spent amount. A 12 match 13.20 USD doubles bet can give you up to 115 USD and with 6 wins, you already have a cumulative returns of about 18.7 USD.


What say you, Instead of singles bet that can choke up your funds, why not do some accumulative betting? You will be surprised to know a lot of the expert bettors use this betting style to keep themselves in the game.


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