Hello Tipster,

Have you registered an account with betpredict and would like to subscribe for pro tips? Then this post is for you, continue reading.

If you do not have an account already, Kindly visit http://app.betpredict.com.ng/register.php  to make a 1 min registration for free.

First, you should check out the Subscription plans that are available. http://betpredict.com.ng/subscribe/


Once you have decided on which plan to go for, Click on the “Choose Now” button to select your plan. This will take you to the Payment information page

Go pro

Kindly Note the payment information on the page and send payment details by Email or SMS after payments.

Once your payment is confirmed by the BP admin, Your Betpredict wallet would be credited. Now its time to complete your subscription.

  1. Login into your Betpredict Account @ http://app.betpredict.com.ng/index.php
  2. Once logged on, you will see your Wallet reflecting your new balancebp_post1
  3. Now go to the Surebet Subscription menu and click on Subscribebp_post2
  4. On the Subscription Page, Kindly select the proposed Plan (Pls Note that the intended plan pricing must be within your Wallet Amount else subscription will fail)bp_post3
  5. Once you click on the Confirm Subscription, Your subscription will be activated (if your wallet was funded adequately) and now you have access to the Guaranteed Tips Area
  6. To view your Pro Tips, Kindly Visit the Surebet Subscription again, This time, click on View Surebetbp_post4

Thats it. If you require any assiatance, send us an email @ tipster@betpredict.com.ng