It is important to set goals in everything we do, And with sports betting also, you need to have goals. It is important to have an idea of why, how and when to work on sports betting. If you don’t have a goal with your betting, it may get out of hand and you turn into a sports gambler. You may start betting every day, you may start betting harder to make up for earlier losses, you will suddenly start to place impulsive bets, and the whole thing comes crashing down and your once beloveth sports turns your life into a nightmare. Below are some advice to start with …

Get yourself a low risk profile

Nobody can tell you what to and how to bet, after all its your money but when you start loosing so much without following a plan, you want to listen, and that time either its too late or you listen to the wrong people. Either way it may cost you big time. The idea of having a low risk profile is to bet in bits. Just like forex market advices, never bet more than 5% of your bet bank so that you have time to enjoy the game.

Discipline Yourself

A 2.72 odds at $100 is $272, thats a great win? Does that mean i can increase my betslip on the next 3.40 odds? When you win, don’t get carried away, and start increasing your stakes straight away. Continue where you started, and remember that even though it’s easy to win, it’s even easier to loose what you’ve just gained. Take me for example, before i earnt my lessons, I lost 9 weeks gain in one day because i was “feeling too lucky”

Which Money is Bet Money?

Do you use all/any money for betting when its time? Do not let betting sports for fun turn to a money making gambling habit that can ruin your life. DO NOT use your house money or child care money for betting and promise yourself you will multiply it. Even those that bet for a living dont use their family funds.

Don’t Gamble your Money

Okay, This is a bit tricky since betting can be termed gambling but what i intend to say is dont bet on hunches, feeling good, this team should win or that team should loose. Sports is an event and being informed about such events before placing your bet can save you that precious dollar$.