The Blues are now undefeated in three league games and have climbed to 14th in the table.

Yeah, Yeah but where does that leave us, Chelsea still gets result like a “pregnant woman’s period” – One win a month since August. 19 games 20 points, 5 wins. Everyone talks about the moral of the team, fighting spirit, we don change Coach sef.. Our sinking boats needs more than draws to show improvement.

Mathematical calculations of top4 is not the talking point here but getting results “As a fan, i dont care how we play 1-2-7 or 6-2-2 to get the wins” Chelsea needs to gerraradere “Top4 Upside Down” side of the EPL table.

Okay lets try and be constructive a bit, No loss yet for Hiddink, 2 games that could have gone both ways for eitheir Chelsea or the opposing team. Fighting Spirit, e.t.c. May be i am the only one not seeing it but even with the defence trying, the footprint of the attacking players is still not what its needed to give Chelsea the goals/attack/ginger needed upfront. Chelsea is like a labour team, they play hard, fight through the match and just like that “Luck” is gone.

Next match is Crystal Palace at thier home, let me guess, we loose that and get back into the sinking boat we already are and we win even and still stay 14th. The points are stocked up… 5 back to back wins is the only miracle Chelsea needs else my bet is that Chelsea will not even make the Top half of the league (Whoops!)

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