There is no better way to push in your weekend football bets than to have an expert show you some ropes and give you more confidence on what and where to put the bets. We win , we loose – thats the game around sports betting but when you loose too much, i guess the fun dissappears. Ask those who have lost enough and you will know. – Join Us at

At betpredictng, we help with free predictions for some matches in all leagues (English, France, Italy, Germany e.t.c.) and we have opted to do this via what we call “Crowd Betting“, we could better call it “Crowd Tipping” since we do not register bets on The idea is to have the analysis of all our Tipsters towards all matches showing you how football lovers see the game.

Why give you one Editors pick when you can have both the Editors pick and what over hundreds of football analysts/Tipsters decide for matches?

Sports betting especially football needs guidance, and this is how we guide you better, we show you the mind of the crowd on the games and you can be sure you are closer than ever.

The Crowd is never almost wrong at the same time.


With analysis showing for Home Win, Draw, and Away win. You decide what your bets should be at the bookmakers tent. See for yourself crowdbetting

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