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Diego Costa -” I fight for my team so don’t try to put wings on me ‘cos I’m no angel”

October 23rd, 2015 | by bp
Diego Costa -” I fight for my team so don’t try to put wings on me ‘cos I’m no angel”

Diego Costa has been on the pages of the news this season for a different reason, a lot of which doesnt seem too good because of how people perceive his style of play. He is not finched and has said he will not change anything. Costa has been banned twice for three games this year – after stamping on Liverpool’s Emre Can and for a clash with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny.

In his interview with football focus as captured by bbc sports ..

“I’ve got this far thanks to the way I play the game,” said the 27-year-old Brazil-born Spain international. “I’m not going to change that because of what people may think of it.”

“I think that football has always had a passionate, aggressive side, with players giving their all,” said Costa. “People have to get used to this. Out there I’m going to fight for my team and do the best I can.

“Afterwards, when the match is over, I have my family and my friends. I have fun like a normal person. But on the pitch don’t try and put wings on me, as I am no angel.”

What is your view of Diego Costa?

He also maintained that the dressing room at Stamford bridge is air-tight and Jose Mourinho predicted Chelsea’s difficulties in defending their title, with other teams “upping their game”.

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