France and Portugal have clashed in three semifinals in major tournaments dating back to 1984, on each occasion with France coming out on top by an agonizingly narrow margin from the point of view of the Portuguese.

Euro 2016 final peers these 2 teams again together and bookmakers and bettors relish the chance to put their wagers on one of the high profile games of the year 2016.

So who will you bet on?

Pundits will definitely go for France to win this and this is not surprising with France being the host nation, have played better in this tournament and boast of a team that has grown not to mention the golden boot pre-winner Antonio Griezmann in the team. a 2-1 win for France feels like a good end to the tournament.

2-1, A scoreline that gives France a much needed victory and Portugal a chance of fighting.

But personally, I will go with the underdogs portugal to win this tournament. One thing you will agree with me on is that this Euro has shown a glimpse of the power of the underdogs and has defiled conventions. Also, Portugal has been criticized for the way they have managed scrappy wins except for the last 2-0 over wales and for me i say that scrappy luck is enough to get them the cup.

So for me, Its scrappy Portugal to win mybe with a lone goal. 1-0.