Just last week, we saw Real Madrid’s boss Rafael Benitez in an interview with an incomplete response when asked about present Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho .. in his statement “Mourinho is a great coach but ..”, implicit of a #notagoodperson when compared to what he said about Coach Ancelotti and Manuel Pellegrini who are also ex Real Madrid Coaches.

Benitez on Mourinho – “He is a great coach but …#notagoodperson”

This week, we can look away from that as new Liverpool’s boss Jurgen klopp has something different about Jose Mourinho. The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists Jose Mourinho is a nice guy “if you are not a journalist or a referee“. He also added,

“He’s emotional, I’m emotional but we are professional enough to know that after the big whistle, normal life starts again, you can talk normally about things. That’s what we did. Everything is okay between us, no problem.”

Former Madrid and present Man City Manager, Pellegrini has also backed Jose Mourinho to lead Chelsea back into Title race claiming its never easy to defend a title. He said

“All managers have a moment in their career, in their season, a bad moment,” Pellegrini said. “It’s normal, but I hope, because he (Mourinho) is a very important manager, that he will arrange his team. 

“I think he has already demonstrated what he can do. He’s the champion of the Premier League this year.

“They will continue to be a very strong team. They are not in their best moment, but I am sure they will improve.”

Chelsea face Liverpool in the next few hours in a match many see as the last straw for Mourinho if he looses. Will he?