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GERRARAHERE! Chelsea set to dump Falcao (anywhere will do)

November 15th, 2015 | by bp
GERRARAHERE! Chelsea set to dump Falcao (anywhere will do)

Okay, really not anywhere because i still believe falcao is a good striker not minding his bad spell in Manchester United and his unlucky spell yet at Chelsea. I say unlucky because he is joining Chelsea at a time the blues are sinking and his failing charms are not enough to do the magic.

We can complain of not much playing time or that Falcao is just finished. Wait, shouldn’t we ask Coach Mourinho if this is true because he said he will re-polish Falcao to the FALCAO he once was?

Anyways, reports says Falcao has cost the Blues over £2million in wages and has scored just ONE goal. And they are ready to cut short his season-long deal if an agreement can be struck with Monaco.

£2million = 1 goal = BAD Business

Irony, Monaco sef wants the 29-year-old off the books so they don’t have to pay his massive salary. That wage that was at 250,000, now at 125,000 – what will falcao reduce it to now ooo?

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