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Messi is said to be Barcelona’s best, Is Ronaldo Real Madrid’s best?

October 20th, 2015 | by bp
Messi is said to be Barcelona’s best, Is Ronaldo Real Madrid’s best?

I’m writing this post after’s question of cristiano ronaldo

So he is undoubtedly the greatest goalscorer in Madrid’s history – there is little question about that. But is he, like Messi at Barcelona, the finest footballer to ever represent the club?

A question with a simple and yet a long answer. But i think the answer depends on the responders analysis of what finest means?

Many great players have graced Real Madrid including Raul who scored 323 goals in 741 appearances and Di Stefano who netted 308 in 396 games. And then there is Ronaldo who has overtaken them both – and he has done it in a much more impressive ratio as well with his 324 strikes arriving in only 310 matches.

This comparison for the best mostly being used is done based the number of trophies won by a player over a considerable period of time.

Stefano 11 years – 18 trophies

Raul 16 years – 17 trophies

Messi 11 years + – 16 trophies

Ronaldo 6 years – 7 trophies.

Even in years vs trophy ratio, Ronaldo still has an edge. We all agree that at almost 31, he may not have all the time left to break the number of years of these other players (who started out at the club at tender ages), but he has left his own mark in Spain even if he leaves tomorrow. Let history write his path how best they see it.


Will Ronaldo win more trophies this season and seasons to come?

Will he leave Real to continue his football glory somewhere else?

The FUTURE awaits

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