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Naismith 3 -1 Chelsea, And the Chelsea woes continues – What next?

September 12th, 2015 | by bp
Naismith 3 -1 Chelsea, And the Chelsea woes continues – What next?

If results are anything to go by, Chelsea have so far been a very average team this season and to call them Champions is an hype. Setting out to break another record for one of the worst season title defense with just 4 points from 5 games and 12 goals against and just 5 goals 7 goals with a GD of -5, the blues are indeed far from their best.

Lets go to the best moments of the game and that goes to Naismith who with his wonderful hat-track gave Everton an extraordinary win over Chelsea. He came in as a subtitute and he was at his finest piercing through Chelsea’s defense like “nothing dey here”. Martinez must be very happy with that early change. Did i mention that Naismith is now the 6th substitute in EPL record to score a hat-trick?

Matic scored a screamer after Chelsea went down 2-0 but that was not enough to slow down Everton who pulled the 3rd around 78th minute to close the game. There is everything to say about Chelsea, Chelsea is bleeding, Chelsea is crying, Chelsea is suffering, Haaaaaa – the league table is poison to the eyes of Chelsea fans.

laugh_chelsea Chelsea no doubt is the present concern of the Premier league even Piers Morgan made a joke about a relegated Chelsea. While the thought of that may be far fetched, the way  Chelsea is pouring goals into their net instead of the opponents is not encouraging.

We have been asking questions since the beginning of the season and the questions keep pouring in for the Champions. Chelsea fans have cried and their tears is turning to blood. They need answers, Mourinho needs answers, “Abramovic sef go start to dey look for answers”.

laugh_chelsea2Someone said its karma? There is a woman’s blessing in everything and looks like Chelsea lost its own to the female medical officer (Eva) – hahahaha. But seriously the defense is so porous that “what to do” is on priority alert.

I personally can’t find a solution right now in my head so what do you think should be done?

Will Jose Mourinho see his sack with this loss?

Will Chelsea ever come out strong from this all time low?

What change is really needed to turn around the luck of Chelsea this season?

Has Jose Mourinho lost his special touch?

Is this just a crisis or it is a growing catastrophe?

What else is there to say, Naismith 3, Chelsea 1. #Chelski loose. #GBAM





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