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Oliseh vs Enyeama – Was Sunday Oliseh wrong?

October 8th, 2015 | by bp
Oliseh vs Enyeama – Was Sunday Oliseh wrong?

Gerrout of here” looks like the best way to describe the saga.

According to reports, The Lille goalkeeper who arrived camp after Monday’s deadline, having been permitted to report late following Saturday’s burial of his mother, fell out with coach Sunday Oliseh.

Reports indicate that the goalkeeper was shouted down by the coach during dinner as he made attempts to apologise for turning up late and also questioned the reason for his being stripped of the captain’s arm band in favour of Ahmed Musa.

Tempers flared as Oliseh ordered the 101-cap man to leave the hotel before calling on security officials to haul the goalkeeper out.

But why?

In his Instagram message to break the silence “Enyeama said after 13 years of National service, He feels humiliated”


Thinking about it, He just buried his mother last Saturday and he arrived on Monday – What can cause that yawa because that is a heart of the nation i see displayed.

Again, Is Ahmed Musa the right man to wear the Captain band? Someone said a more senior player like Mikel was in camp, why give Musa?


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