Real madrid massacred Rayo Vallecano in 10-2 smashing when both teams clashed last sunday. In a 4-3-2-1 goal formation where Gareth Bale got 4 goals, Benzeama got 3 goals, CR7 got 2 goals and Danilo also got the opener. It was the first time Madrid have hit double figures in a La Liga match since 1960, when they beat Elche 11-2.

Rayo Vallecano boss Paco Jemez said his side were “humiliated and abused”

Jemez claims Spanish football lost credibility as a result of the “shameful” La Liga rout.

“We feel humiliated and abused. This doesn’t benefit Madrid, or us or Spanish football. We’ve lost a lot of credibility,” the 45-year-old told AS.

“Today, nobody won, we all lost. It’s shameful, a disgrace.

“These are things which happen and I hope that we don’t see it happening again anywhere else.”