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Soccer Betting: What is Handicap and how do i bet on Handicap?

September 3rd, 2015 | by Seeker
Soccer Betting: What is Handicap and how do i bet on Handicap?

handicappMan United Vs Bradford City is a match of 2 different teams with different profiles, Man United a Top Tier English Team and Bradford City a League 1 team. A match like this would put Man Utd’s odd to win at like 1.46 which is very low for sports bettors and one gets wary whether to bet on it or look for alternative betting option on the same match.

This is where Handicap comes in, so what is Handicap betting? defines Handicap has something that hampers or hinders. a contest, esp a race, in which competitors are given advantages or disadvantages of weight, distance, time, etc, in an attempt to equalize their chances of winning. the advantage or disadvantage prescribed.

In the case of Soccer Handicap using the Match example above, to equal the chance of the match, we will have to give Man United a negative goal handicap or Bradford goal advantage e.g -2 for Man United or +2 for Bradford City.

There are like 3 types of Soccer Handicap betting

  1. Level Handicap or Zero Handicap: A level Handicap is where there is no difference perse in abilities between Team A and Team B, so no Handicap bias is assigned and both teams start off on 0.
  2. Single Handicap Bet: A single Handicap occurs when there is a difference in club rating abilities between Team A and Team B. e.g. -1.5 for Man Utd against West Brom (because west brom is 20th on the EPL table). So 1-0 score for Man Utd makes you loose while a 2-0 makes you win the bet.
  3. Split Handicap: A split Handicap occurs when the difference between the two teams’ abilities is small; allowing you to spilt your stake over 2 handicaps. e.g. Team A might be offered at (-0.5 & -1.5). If you bet on Team A and they lose or draw, you will lose both bets, as they did not cover either handicap. If the game ended in a 1-0 for Team A, you win half of your bet, If they win by 2 goals up, you win both bets.

Asian Handicap vs European Handicap

You will also come across these 2 types of Handicap with bookmakers with above idea of Handicap, you tend to ask what the difference is? In the simplest terms, we will say in Asian Handicap – A draw is not a bet/possible thus your money is refunded but in European it is and thus you will loose if a draw occurs.

Lets use an example to describe this… Imagine a match between Chelsea and Swansea and you have a -1 on Chelsea to win. If the match ended in 1-0 in favour of Chelsea bringing the handicap score to 0-0 draw, You will loose your money in European Handicap but Asian Handicap will give you your money back. Gerrit?

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