We are still experiencing the sensational football Messi and Ronaldo give us but is the time coming to an end for a new generation to take over? Ronaldo is 30-31, messi is 28-29… Could that duo who have shared the last 7 Ballon D’or make space for the younger generation?

One name out of the mix of young talents is Barcelona’s Neymar, He held the fort well in the absence of Messi with Suarez and one would see a great talent ready to take over the mantle from Messi and Ronaldo and to support that, He (Neymar) is the 3rd man on the list for the Ballon D’or 2015 with Ronaldo and Messi.

Andy west has this to say about Neymar and it got me thinking, are we overlooking the future already?

“Neymar is still only 23, yet he has 252 career goals: 136 for Santos, 70 for Barcelona and 46 for Brazil.

“To put those figures into context, by the time Messi and Ronaldo reached the age Neymar is now (23 years and nine months), they had ‘only’ registered respective career goal tallies of 186 and 127.”

It’s a safe bet to consider Neymar as the Heir apparent in Barcelona but will he spend his career in Barcelona remains a big question? Or will Messi leave Barcelona to try out a new challenge somewhere else? Or will Ronaldo leave Real and join PSG as widely speculated? All in time – we shall see