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Stoke 1-0 Chelsea – Terrible times at the bridge, something is dramatically wrong with Chelsea

November 7th, 2015 | by bp
Stoke 1-0 Chelsea – Terrible times at the bridge, something is dramatically wrong with Chelsea

No doubt, after the loss to Stoke, you cannot but ask that question we have all been asking since the beginning of the season “What is wrong in Chelsea, at Chelsea, with Chelsea?” Ironically speaking, This flight that soared to over 31000 feet last season is on a free flow to downfall and with 3 points away from relegation, is there a bomb on board?

7 games loss this season, 12 games 11 points, New loss record for Mourinho himself and even in absential due to stadium ban, the team could not find their magic. This time after 12 games last season, Chelsea had not lost, now they’ve lost seven matches – something is terribly wrong somwhere and now we have to blame everyone – my take.

Should Chelsea sack Manager, Jose Mourinho?

What could be Chelsea’s problem – Yokohama tyres, Eva, lack of luck or just simply haunted?

Chelsea is blank in the opposition half, i have not seen a clear cut forward play with pattern for the Chelsea midfield towards goal. Its more like a “Lets push the ball and see” kind of football. Creativity is lacking, slugging around the ball, playing around the 18 yard box and all other things that are not right. Is it tactical? Where is this failing strategy coming from?

The bridge is not on fire, Stamford bridge must be burnt already because as a fan, i am myself in disarray and i ask what next?

Jamie Redknapp believes Mourinho should take responbility for a lot of this (aren’t we blaming him already?), He said “Mourinho has to take a lot of responsibility for that; the club doctor [situation], taking John Terry off at half-time against Man City, subbing Nemanja Matic on and off – he’s the best player you’ve got – Eden Hazard’s form, a stadium ban, how many more things can there be?”

Is Sacking Mourinho an answer or sacking him is not an option because of replacement? I doubt that .. read here The queue for Mourinho’s replacement grows: Capello, Hiddink, Ancelotti waiting …

What next?

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