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Tottenham 0-0 Chelsea | “We might not loose our next 10 games” says Mourinho

November 29th, 2015 | by bp
Tottenham 0-0 Chelsea | “We might not loose our next 10 games” says Mourinho

Playing the way we played, I would not be surprised if we don’t lose one of the next 10 games. The team was a team.’ – Jose Mourinho

Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! He did not say categorically that Chelsea will not loose in any of their next 10 matches. He is merely saying, If we continue to play as a team, we might be looking better than we know it now – Just saying, 10 draws also qualifies as not loosing…pls give Jose a break…

Hehehe, Chelsea managed a 0-0 or should i say Tottenham managed a draw against the Blues in their own home? Both teams had chances but if there was going to be a winner – it would have been ________?

Mourinho had some interesting comments after the match – He believed this was Eden hazards best performance so far of the season, He also believed this was Chelsea’s best match of the season so far, I think thats because He believed they played tightly and more like a team even without Diego Costa.

Diego Costa was supposed to be brought on and he wasn’t, a little drama when he threw his singlet almost on Mourinho in a probable angry mode. Jokingly i concluded “Jose mourinho looked at Costa going in and a team that can get a draw and a clean sheet and went for the latter – smart play

Hectic December ahead, Will Chelsea’s head come out of the 2nd page pot? Next game is against Bournemouth (a die hard team) but indeed a home game for Chelsea and one will hope that the beginning of the rise is here. 3 games, no loss, 3 clean sheets, now that is a good sign.

Still “papa” yet “nah” Chelsea is still 14th on the table and frankly, December is all Chelsea has to get out of the bottom row. The EPL points are chunking and the earlier the better for Mourinho and his men.

Will Mourinho shake down his team in January? Chelsea shake-up – Will Boss Mourinho re-arrange his squad in January?

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