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Tottenham vs Chelsea (28-11-2015), Do Chelsea stand a chance?

November 28th, 2015 | by bp
Tottenham vs Chelsea (28-11-2015), Do Chelsea stand a chance?

Chelsea looked alive with 2 wins in a row now but they don’t still convincing enough to take Tottenham by the hand. Tottenham as been one of the strongest side of the present season and that is going to be a hell of a job for the blues.

Chelsea underperforming players showed signs of life in the norwich match: Nemanja Matic looked more confident, Cesc Fabregas held greater influence over the game, Eden Hazard seemed more sprightful, Diego Costa scored. Hazard said after the game that it could be the start of their revival, but we’ve been here before this season: wins against West Brom, Aston Villa and Dynamo Kyiv turned out to be false dawns.

A victory over Tottenham may well announce the fact that Chelsea are ready to bounce back and a loss? well will be considered business as usual as far as this season goes.

Of course, Form factor predictions give this game to Tottenham, their form is great, Kane is on form, their midfield is a power house and well they have a very good run in the league as to Chelsea whose main striker as managed 1 goal in November and players still trying to find form.

Well one postives Chelsea have had of late is the form of “Willian Beckham” who has converted about 4 of his 7 free kicks this season. His goals have a way of being timely, Just maybe we can hope for a stunt again from Chelsea’s best player of the season yet again in this game.

Mourinho admits Kane is a top striker but will pray hard to take something from this match, What am i saying. As a fan, I pray that we get something from this…. The table is not smiling at Chelsea. It is okay if we wont contend for the title but 1st page of the table looks better than this 2nd page …

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