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UEFA Champions league: Leicester City vs FC Porto

September 27th, 2016 | by Seeker
UEFA Champions league: Leicester City vs FC Porto

After a staggering 4-1 defeat to Jose Mourinho’s men last Saturday, the Premier league champions host FC-Porto in their second UCL match and there are questions to be answered in this match

  1. Will Raneiri’s men make a statement by bouncing back showing their class as champions or will they be overwhelmed.
  2. Will FC Porto finally get their chance to win an English team on English soil in the Champions League

It promises to be an interesting match and what do we say about the results of the match?

I still think the English Champions have their surprise package with them and should take the game, However i see Porto bring a fight in … so say

  1. Leicester to Win
  2. Both Team to Score
  3. Over 2.5 goals

Enjoy the Night…

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