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Wenger is listening, Messi wants £600,000 a week, £2.4M a month after TAX

November 17th, 2015 | by bp
Wenger is listening, Messi wants £600,000 a week, £2.4M a month after TAX

Can Lionel Messi get to Arsenal?

Simply quoting espn

The paper reports that Messi is “open to a move to England after falling foul of the tax authorities in Spain,” with Arsenal “his preferred destination” for a life of luxury in London.

But wait, Gunners fans; there’s a catch. … The Star says that Messi would want a ridiculous £18 million a year after tax, which equates to around £2.4m a month before deductions.

Shuuu!!! Thats £600,000 after tax….

Are you laughing? Stop nah … It is not impossible joor, I believe in Wenger this time. He will listen….#lmao

Truthfully speaking, This is where Arsenal fans becomes the economist, not wenger, they tell “Baba Aladiye”..Kai, that boi is an onigbese, leave am abeg.

But a Messi in the English Premier League would be Nice!

Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! i gerrit! Messi rumours Arsenal as Ronaldo rumours Man United. The 2 guys are planning a continual rivalry.

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