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What could be Chelsea’s problem – Yokohama tyres, Eva, lack of luck or just simply haunted?

September 13th, 2015 | by bp
What could be Chelsea’s problem – Yokohama tyres, Eva, lack of luck or just simply haunted?

I am taking a break from Mourinho and his players and sourcing for other things that might have been Chelsea’s unforeseen problems. And this time, i am taking the liberty to look at some events that might have been affecting Chelsea’s invisibility of late. Speaking like a sad Chelsea fan …

Yokohama Tyres?

Chelsea made a change this year and signed with Yokohama tyres and like someone puts it “These tyres are not moving at all and maybe its because they are china made?“, OK that was a joke but really if tyres are suppose to make us speed off, These tyres are slowing us down really fast, in short what am i saying – they are not moving at all, probably they are flat. Unfortunately, we cannot change them as we deem fit so we better get a “Vulcanizer” on full time to make sure they are on auto pump to at least keep us moving – the EPL train is leaving us and if we want to still see the break lights, the time is now.

Eva, Eva, Eva – Medical Officer

Over the years, Chelsea fans have been ok and glad with Eva being a female staff working with the boys and many have argued some female figure adds to the groove “C’mon, stop your dirty thinking”. Eva had a clash with Coach Jose Mourinho during the season opener against Swansea City and … say ever since then, Chelsea have scratched only 1 win. Was Chelsea enjoying a woman’s blessing that has just suddenly disappeared?


Boss, Jose Mourinho has mentioned this in the last 2 matches that “Chelsea didn’t get what they deserved from the Crystal Palace and the Everton’s game” meaning they shouldn’t have lost both games. Then should we say Chelsea’s charming luck as also gone but to where? In his words, Somehow Chelsea is punished for every little mistake and its costing the team very badly. Of course everyone at Chelsea and the fans are experiencing an all-time low.


C’mon this must be a joke – Stop it!!!

Chelsea fans must hate the league table right now?

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